How to commit entrepreneurial suicide

An entrepreneur is; a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk. I have studied the Nigerian entrepreneur’s mind both from afar and up close and I have realised that my approach to helping them overcome the challenges they face has been petty and way too conventional. … Continue reading

Effective Communication for Teenagers

“The process of communication is what allows us to interact with other people; without it, we would be unable to share knowledge or experiences with anything outside of ourselves.”Wikipedia definition Communicating effectively takes effort, skill and patience. Communication skills have to be developed, practiced and developed on a day-to-day basis. To reduce misunderstanding and conflict … Continue reading

Teens and Communication

Below is agreat article I found online, a good communication between teenagers and their parents is very essential, there is need to strike a balance between diverse factors. Enjoy the article: Parents worry a lot about teens. They worry their teen will get into trouble, that their teen won’t be ready for adulthood, that they don’t matter … Continue reading

Financial Management for Teens

One critical area of concern to me amongst youths is Financial Management. It’s our responsibility to see that their needs are met (food, shelter, and clothing) but in addition to the necessities, today’s kids need their own money. However, to just write out cheque’s or “dole it out” deprives them of a tool they’ll use … Continue reading