Diamonds in the rough

Imagine an idea so powerful and impacting that it haunts your very existence, an idea that has a long run capability of positively changing your society and ushering in a new dawn. I have such an idea, and i want to share it with you, that we might both run with it. I share this because the idea is bigger than me and it’s not about me, so please read.

The strength of the idea lies in its simplicity, we were all teenagers at a point in time and we all had these strong desires to be part of a particular profession, some of us were inspired by sound of Jets roaring overhead, others by the doctors in those TV series we followed in awe, some by the sight of hard hat wearing Engineers on the construction site on the way to school, others by the regal appearance of the news casters on the 9‘0‘clock news. Whichever way we found our inspiration the hard and bitter fact is that many of us lost it somewhere along the line, we lost it to lack on Inspiration, lack of funds, lack of encouragement, lack of seriousness, etc, this can be streamlined into a single term, LACK OF MENTORING. It is agreed that human challenges cannot be summed up so casually and primarily, but a quick self-evaluation will convince us that a helping hand would have been appreciated at a particular point in those critical years, a teacher without the cane, friends that point out the right direction, brothers are and sisters that do not bully us, would have been very welcome.

Now imagine an organisation founded to fill this gap in the society, in many schools make shift substitutes are already available but these substitutes are less intensive and tend to be broad-based rather than participant oriented.

We are talking about an organisation that seeks to influence the quality of professionals produced by the nation’s higher institutions and it seeks to achieve this by influencing the quality of students the lower institutions produce, and it seeks to achieve this by guiding these kids and building in them a positive attitude for existence and survival. Imagine a teenager who dreams of being a pilot, being given the chance to actually tour the innards and cockpit of a plane, while having a professional pilot as a tour guide to feed his curiosity, repeat these images for the Engineers, Doctors, Accountants, and a presenter wanna be, being given the chance to co-host a program on air as a teenager, these are images being given to figments of their imagination.

Imagine the effect this will have on kid from the public school down street, not only are you turning their fantasies into visions you are also helping to channel their thought into useful pre-occupations.

if you want to take a trip with me down this revolutionary lane, read the sequel to this post (coming soon).


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