Leaders of Tomorrow?

I was privileged to be in a seminar a short while ago, and the facilitator told an insightful story about his encounter with a notable Professor in the Nigerian tertiary system, as is common these days, the discussion gradually moved to the issue of level and standard of education in the country, and the Professor was quick to remind the audience that “in their days the standard of education was way higher, and that the life of a student was way rosier”, he went on to recount tales of well stocked cafeteria’s, and well-built/maintained accommodations.

According to my facilitator at a point he had to cut him off, and replied him saying “that was not your era, that was the era of your parents, they laid that foundation for you! but you eat it all and laid none for us! “.

Lets pause and reflect on those words, if the era before us eat both the fruits from their parents and the seeds, what are we doing to ensure that we do not make the same colossal mistake. I have been to quite a number of leadership and value-adding seminars, they are always well attended and the atmosphere is always electrified and properly charged afterwards, but the cold truth is that we are not seeing the effect of this electrified participants.

In all honesty a positively charged man with a hungry stomach and broken pride can but do little to fight undisciplined behaviours, beyond the need for the soul and mind food is the need for the physical and financial food.

Which begs the question, what are we sowing for the next generation? what are we putting in place? are we grooming them properly not to make the same mistakes we did? Yes we are paying exuberant school fees, Yes we are buying books, Yes we are grooming them to be unique, Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!.

But the real question is how much effort are we putting into teaching them the basics of leadership and finance? how many kids understand that a “Class Captain” in a primary school is the equivalent of the “Governor of a State” in that school!

To be continued……….


2 thoughts on “Leaders of Tomorrow?

  1. Well said Mr Jemirade, we must let the young lads that are coming after us that it pays when they have discipline, character and intergrity. We must lay this foundation for them irrespective of the odds against it in this country. I have tasked myself to add my own quota to make this country a better & comfortable place to live for my children and their mates.

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