Effective Communication for Teenagers

“The process of communication is what allows us to interact with other people; without it, we would be unable to share knowledge or experiences with anything outside of ourselves.”Wikipedia definition

Communicating effectively takes effort, skill and patience. Communication skills have to be developed, practiced and developed on a day-to-day basis.

To reduce misunderstanding and conflict among you and your family, friend or classmates, you have to communicate well. To be a good leader, you have to communicate exceptionally well.

Here we look at basic communication dynamics, learning skills to improve your communication, using effective communication to improve and promote interpersonal relationships, creating an effective communication strategy.

Forms Communication

The basic forms of communication are:

Of these four (4) we are only actively taught: Speaking, Reading, and Writing, the fourth and very important part listening, we never get taught in a formal environment, make no mistake about it listening, is a very important part of communication most times we presume we know where the speaker is headed and therefore run ahead to cut them off. You will never improve your communication until you improve your listening skills.

“If we were supposed to talk more than listen, we would have been given two mouths and one ear.” Mark Twain

Communication Cycle

Below is a communication cycle that will help you understand how communication should work. It means that you can take responsibility for every stage on the Communication Cycle:

Sender (You) – Transmitter (Medium) – Receiver (the other person) – Feedback (Reply)

When you don’t realize that the line has suddenly gone off in the middle of a phone call, you keep talking to yourself, but the reality is that you are not communicating with anyone: such is the case when you miss any of the steps in the circle above.

A communication cycle is not completed until action is taken; the final evidence of a good communication cycle is implementation.

Communication Equation

You can now see that, presentation skills are not all there is to communication. Everyone communicates differently and sees the world differently. The greatest skill you can have to instantly and significantly improve you communications skills is to understand the other person’s point view and how they see the world and you cannot do this unless you listen, review and give feedback to them.

Change Yourself to Change Others

Therefore, the most effective way to be in charge of what happens in any communication dynamic is changing what you do. When you can do this you are well on the way to promoting better relationships. Remember that the only person you can be sure of changing in any communication is you!

There’s never one right way to communicate. Authentic effective communication always happens when we reply on those things we know to be true about or for ourselves. Remember your personal style probably says more for you that all the words you use can.


You can change the direction of a communication if you change your attitude. There is no one attitude that’s the ‘right’ one to have, though being direct and clear certainly helps.

As teenager good communication skills will be very useful in getting adults understand what challenges you are facing.


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