Training Interventions

SIYB was developed by the International Labor Organization (ILO) as a training intervention, to provide practical business management skills for potential and existing entrepreneurs. It is currently being used in over 90 countries worldwide, read more

It comprises of 3 levels of training  GYBI, SYB & IYB (see boxes below for details). At each level entrepreneurs are imparted with the skills and linkages necessary to thrive and grow.


Generate Your Business Idea

GYBI (Generate your Business Idea) training is for men and women who have the desire to start a business but do not have a concrete business idea yet, read more.

The GYBI workbook emphasizes practical ways to carry out different business idea generation techniques.

Step-by-step explanations are given in easy-to-understand language. Appropriate illustrations are used to further explain concepts. 

At the end of this training, participants are expected to have developed a concrete business idea ready for implementation.


Start Your Business

SYB (Start your Business) training intervention is designed for both potential and existing entrepreneurs, read more

Practical examples of business concepts and procedures as well as exercises and activities are an integral part of each step of the training.

The SYB Business Plan Booklet will be used by entrepreneurs to complete their own market research, marketing plan, costing, sales, cash flow and action plan. These  critical topics will the form a sound basis for any business.

At the end of this training, participants are expected to have developed a viable and bank able business plan.


Improve Your Business

The IYB (Improve your Buisness) training intervention is targeted at existing entrepreneurs, read more

The training uses manuals to introduce entrepreneurs to the principles of efficient small business management in a simple and practical way. The IYB modules include costing, Marketing, record keeping etc.

Step-by-step explanations are given in easy-to-understand language and appropriate illustrations are used to explain concepts.


Team Building

To perform at a higher level there is always the need to re-focus, re-energise and motivate teams.

High-performing teams exhibit accountability, purpose, cohesiveness, and collaboration. How do you turn a dysfunctional group into a productive team? Can you make a good team better?

Our team building trainings are designed to answer the above questions using practical learning methodology.

For more information please  call 08099923725 or send a mail to



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