The biggest challenge anyone can take on is that of changing lives, it’s a challenge because you need to apply the principle of “first within then without” you cannot effectively, effect a change you do not believe in! First you believe, and then you can proceed to reach out to others.

Bill Hybel’s in his book Holy Discontent talks about God using our holy discontent to make positive changes in our society; he described it as “Popeye moments” – those moments when you realize that you have had enough and you decide to take positive action to change things.

My holy discontent lies in two (2) distinct fields:

  1. the quality of business enterprises we are building in this country.
  2.  the quality of youths we are nurturing in this country.

Benjemirade’s blog is a result of my “Popeye moment” , its an expression of my thoughts on the topics above and the blog contains both my proffered solutions and that of others…..

Ben Jemirade


Ben Jemirade is a graduate of economics and an International Labor Organisation’s (ILO) Start and Improve Your Business(SIYB) trainer. He is the Lead Consultant of R.A.B Consulting, a firm that focuses on providing business development services to small and medium scale enterprises.