iLead Initiative


iLead Initiative is powered by Res Agnum & Boon Consulting to revive/revamp the educational standard of children in Nigeria. It thrives on values, morals, ethics, honesty, integrity, patience and respect.

Our goal is to help raise Godly children that will tomorrow be the leaders of our country. We strive to pick up the lax left behind by the schools, parents and religious institutions. Our topics are age specific and are administered through various programs that fall under the umbrella of entrepreneurial and leadership courses.

All courses and topics are derived from extensive research and then designed to capture the imagination of kids. Topics Include but are not limited to Personal Transformation, Leadership, Attitude, Courtesy, Etiquette, Power of vision, Team building, Conflict resolution, Respect, Sharing, Table manners, Time management, Personal hygiene, Laundry care(how to care, wash & fold), Parent and Child relationship, Anger management, Article writing, Money management/Finance, Communication and Logical reasoning.

Activities include Culinary Arts, Jewelry making, Hair styling, Instrumentals, Interior décor, Magazine writing(journalism), Makeup artistry, Music, Painting, Photography, Recycling, Research, Scrap-refurbishing, Scrapbooking, Script writing, Shoe making, and Interior décor, Tie & dye.

Our Unique Training Style

Our training style at Res Agnum & Boon is unique, tested and trusted; each session is fully engaging and practical, our trainers are seasoned, and possess practical experience in each topic area, it is this sense of excellence that we are bringing to bear on iLead Initiative.

Our courses are fully interactive with majority of the time spent on hands on activities that bring home the concepts taught to participants. This ensures that participants play an active roll in the learning process thus making training enjoyable, stimulating and effective for all.

Value Proposition

iLead Initiative is offering practical application of real life needs to youths (ages 9-18) to prepare them for success in a demanding world.

Our Vision – To become Africa’s foremost Leadership Institution for teens and pre-teens.

Our Mission – To develop and equip teens and pre-teens with skills and self-assertiveness needed to recognize opportunities and maximize their full potential.

Course ContentsLeadership, Financial Management, Communication, Time Management, Etiquette, Entrepreneurship, Health & Hygiene, Conflict Resolution.

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